Saturday, July 18, 2009

Doing, just doing and doing again

And it's not me saying, it's The Joss:

I mean, ultimately, you know, the profit that this show [Dr. Horrible's sing along blog] has generated might not excite News Corp. or Time Warner, but it's not terrible. It's fairly impressive. And we all know that the mediums are shifting and that television is struggling to figure out how the rise of the computer is going to affect it. And the Guilds are struggling, and I really feel the best way to deal with that is just to get out there ... and to make stuff.

I've seen the bigger entities sort of sniffing around it, and in some cases, like The Office and Battlestar, doing great work there. But I'm looking for more people to do it.

(Joss Whedon)

Me too, master. Me too.

The first time I suggested my Masters partners to launch a Web TV comedy, the answer was "I feel more in the mood for shorts". The second answer was "but if you produce for the Internet you can't get the Government Funds, and you cannot attend festivals [which in Spain is outrageously true]".

So here I am, finishing the writings for a feauture short film which will take still a year to be premiered. And waiting _and praying for another believer.

It is so frustrating.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Against hate crimes

Yes, I do support the global protests against the excessive, criminal repression from a democratic Government, from a Western Nation which has not ratified yet the Geneva Convention and its descendants.

But today _ days ago actually, I chose something else to do.

Along the time, I've happened to meet four jewish bloggers, whether israeli or not [links in spanish]: Mobius, Aharoni (sí, aquel), and Rena from Rena lives in Miami, USA. When she saw my profile picture _with a mauve&green scarf dangling at my back she wrote me to say she also was orthodox jewish and apologised when I explained I am spanish muslimah. I also read Michelle's blog, sefardi in Argentina.

Today I feel like Rena. I have to think of them too. Maybe in the same room we would ended arguing strongly and endlessly about Teology or Geopolitics _as my origins are actually Sefardi jewish. I won't stop protesting against Israeli Government and its Defense illegal politics. And I refuse to its ideological contamination. I won't forget the Sderoti victims of roquets neither people of Israel. They are not the terrorists, their Army is.

So I chose the e-card above to greet them _late Hanukah. May Allah, Exlted Be, be merciful and compassionate with all of us.

So I ask you to greet each other. When you're back from a prostest for the people of Gaza send a warm wish to someone opposing you. If you never thought what happens behind the security checkpoints and the Wall of Shame, send an e-mail to a palestinian blogger.

Those who terrified in 1988 and still feel pain, think about Rena. All the Renas that apologise to a muslim woman for considering her a hassidic jewish. And send a warm wish to them.

We do that anyway at Facebook every day, and very much nonsenseless ;)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The real feminism and the Hood Jihad

Every day I'm less and less interested in big events with big characters speaking, and more and more in the mood for little acts of living, meeting and _you know, acting.

So, as I'm writing these lines my brothers and Sisters of Junta Islamica make an exhausting effort launching the Third Congress on Islamic Feminism _may Allah reward them for it, despite its boringness and tendence to speak less and less about feminism, even less on Islam. On daily, actual feminism and Islam, I mean.

In the meanwhile, in Cairo, the first mazuna (notary) in several centuries has certified her first Nikah _muslim marriage.

Amal Soliman joins as mazuna to 30 women judges, starting past April in Egyptian Law System. She recovers a tradition very recently vindicated by muslim women, as in many Western Countries, we muslimaati have to struggle to be allowed to just pray in a neighborhood mosque.

_and pity I didn't read about Ms. Soliman at my dear, those past days very busy portrating men conferencing about Islamic Feminism.

Welcome to the Bizarro Ummah, God forgives me.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes, you just look at their eyes and understand what hope means

I've just got this e-mail less than a minute ago:

In Response to Center Suit, Feds Put Wolf Back on Endangered Species List, Abandon Plan to Kill Hundreds of Wolves in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Breaking news! The Bush administration today announced it will abandon its defense of an ill-fated decision to remove the gray wolf in the northern Rockies from the endangered species list, which would allow hundreds of wolves to be killed by hunters and state agencies.
To stop the killings, the Center for Biological Diversity and allies sued the administration, winning a temporary ruling stopping the killing in July. But rather than continue to fight us in court, the administration just announced that it will formally revoke its previous decision and return the wolf to the endangered species list as a fully protected species.

We're ecstatic about the victory -- but our hearts go out to the nearly 100 wolves that were gunned down before we were able to secure the initial legal injunction.

Thanks for your support. This victory could not have been achieved without the help of thousands of Center members who donated their time, money, and voices to save the Northern Rockies' wolves. And thanks to our litigation allies at Earthjustice, NRDC, and Defenders of Wildlife.

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

Sometimes things just get straight and good. Even things like this, little great inmense things.

Must confess, I've always been empathetic with wolves. Also in my country they have been mass-killed, prosecuted, tortured and diffamated with fake legends. Thanks to Dr. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente's work, I discovered them as they are, familiar, coupled, mothers, fathers, a little shy even _they're not so big as american grey wolves. They've been found caring their disabled siblings. Anyway, wolves still are The Big Bad in spanish countryside. Even with our national Protection Act, people calls TV to show the one they captured and let starve till death.

I liked them and loved them because they were loosers. It's funny, I often thought about them when I inmersed myself in Islam 2 years ago. I thought about them the day I embraced Islam as my path. As a believer, their picture always comes to me.

I look into their eyes and I see majesty, innocence _even as hunters they just do what wildlife needs them to. No animal kills as a sport, neither more than they need to fed. I see wisdom. I think I see Allah.


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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Training in Ramadan

Although I'm quite sure I'm the only muslimah kenshi _at least at old Europe, I'm hoping some sis read this.

Two days ago I had my first training day during Ramadan _technically it's my first Ramadan, as suffering a cronical illness and being under medication, I've been excused for years.

And I have to say, it wasn't as hard as I expected. You only have to ensure hidrating yourself enough the day before and choosing the most proper time to attend trainings. I belong to a morning group at my local dojo, but this special month I asked for a change to a later time.

I kept the form _more or less ;) for 2 hours and a half, even joining gi geiko, and finished just a moment before sunset to break my fasting with dates, almond nuts and orange juice. Needless to say, I jumped onto them ;DDDDD

Moments like that make my kendo practice worthy of the effort. I'm perhaps the worst kenshi all over the world, but, you know, if I can hold the shinai even fasting, then tehre's no limit at all to keep breathing under the men gane.

Kami no Akbar! :D

Posted originally at the Facebook group Kendo Chicks Rock!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A benefit from Ramadan

The lot of time you save just for thinking.

- although sometimes that couldn't be actually a benefit ;)

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bizarro Sunday: Spain loves Westboro

Among the hilarious discoveries inside the Spanish Websphere, this one is international _and tragically funny.

Many of you would probably already know the Westboro Baptist Church, leaded by Pastor Phelps... and crowded by his own family and a couple of neighbours.

Yes, these guys are famous for piqueting american soldiers funerals and celebrating everyone else's deaths _as being sinners. That kind of people who see a sinner promoter wherever there's someone who just lives and lets live.

Recently, my country has been celebrated and mentioned by the Phelps. We had been punished by God.

Because my country respects civil rights for homosexual men and women.

Well, why could this be hilarious? Because from every point you look at it, it's ridiculous.

This is not about what I or you or they consider moral on homosexuality. Neither with the difference between morality and Law _ just like me, a gay couple can't just have sex on the street in Spain either. You already know, I have gay friends, and I'm pro _can't help it. At the same time the girl I most respect and love all over the world is not, but she lets people live because she's aware she's NOT God ;)

And anyway, Reverend Phelps...

You really think that Allah the Almighty, the Ruler of the Universe, who actually does have the Power to drop down not a plane but the entire skies, would make such a crap of Divine Justice if He decided to punish us all? [PDF] You can believe or not in God, but sure He is NOT a lame.

Or well, maybe He is just punishing all of us humans with people like you. Which is far worse than losing 150 lives. 'Cause Pastor Phelps looks like... you know, O-L-D. Eternal.

So. I belong to a multi-religious group for mutual understanding of LGTB reality. And I must say, their answer has been this. And I can't say I'm not proud of them.
Phelps Family, we love you and pray for you

We live in Bizarro World, never forget.

Wa Allahu Ahlan. And God knows best.

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